Where your having Irregular gaps in the monthly period

As we know, regular menstrual cycles occur in a woman’s body when there is a delicate interaction between various organ systems endocrine system, and routine operation on hypothalamicovarian axis plays a central role in menstruation. However, due to the appeal of routine illnesses or various states of distress physical and mental can cause disruptions in the menstrual cycle and menstruation disorders.

How does that happen? Extreme stress leads to emotional load directly affects the nervous system and impairs the command to which balance the hormonal system. This overload leads many unusual phenomena around the day of ovulation, including the appearance of menstrual irregularity.

Many studies in the past have pointed to a link between external stress conditions and disruptions in circulation. Changes in living conditions, economic hardship, changing jobs, exam period all of which can affect menstrual irregularities.

According to a 2007 study, it is likely a significant number of women of childbearing age in Israel in the coming months will experience disruptions in their menstrual cycle. Women trying to conceive, may find it difficult to get easily cycle. Women of the State of Israel may suffer disruption even months after the fighting ends.

What do you do? In the coming months, it is recommended to significantly reduce the load on the nervous system, support the body by moderate exercise, such as yoga, walking, meditation and relaxing treatments. At the same time, increase the time to rest and sleep, reduce the quantity of stimulants such as caffeine, and the reduction of external stimuli for example, to give up watching TV news or updates frequent updates like Twitter.

If you ask to get pregnant, and after six months of calm situation you can not return the menstrual cycle order it, we suggest you contact a professional psychological support. At the same time, you should start practicing to return the body to normal. Practice using Aviva, regulating menstruation and hormonal balance restitution, can help. The exercises Aviva method consistently perform two to three times a week, to music and rhythms suitable for practicing. Exercise routines designed to resume regular activities of the endocrine system, and it is reassuring side, and strengthens the confidence and sense of control over the woman’s body.

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