How to get rid of hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids, also known as anal piles are literally pain in the butt. Hemorrhoids are very common and affect about 75% of individuals from all over the world. However, they are usually not serious and at times they can go away on their own but they are usually very painful and so you need to get rid of them as soon as they appear. They can occur as a result of pregnancy, repeated bouts of constipation or even poor diet. They in most cases swell, itch, and bleed which can lead to an embarrassing situation. Below are tips on how you can get rid of hemorrhoids. (also taken from Wikipedia too)

1. Avoid straining during bowel movement   hemorrhoids

In most cases, hemorrhoids are caused by the straining associated by constipation. To avoid this, you need to maintain a normal bowel movement and eat those foods that are rich in fiber. You also need to increase your bowel movement. This ensures that stool do not lump together as you try to excrete them. Some of the foods that you should eat to avoid constipation are fiber rich foods include fruits, oat meal, whole wheat bread, and green vegetables. This helps in keeping your stool soft, thus increasing your chance of recovering from this condition.

2. Keep the area clean

Even though it can be painful to clean an area affected by hemorrhoids, cleaning is the first step to begin the healing process of these annoying condition. All you need is to gently wash the affected part with a clean wash cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Rinse well and pat dry using a wash cloth or a soft toilet paper.

3. Use tropical treatment

There are numerous tropical treatments that can get rid of hemorrhoids. Some can purchased from drugs store and some can even be found in your kitchen. Some of them may include; creams and ointments, witch hazel, aloe Vera, and vinegar.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps in softening your stool, making them easy to pass and minimize the urge to strain which can worsen your hemorrhoids. As soon as you suspect hemorrhoids, increase your water intake and you will get rid of them without knowing.

5. Eat more fiber

Fiber is known to be an excellent stool softener and so you should add it to your diet. You can decide to take more legumes, whole grains, fruits, as well as vegetables. You can also try over the counter phylum fiber supplements to be able to get rid of this condition.

6. Take a sitz bath

Soak in a shallow, lukewarm bath to sooth the pain and swelling. You can do this by sitting in your bath tab with water coming up to your hips. Alternatively, you can purchase a sitz bath chair that fits your toilet. After your sitz bath, wipe the affected area with a soft cloth or a white toilet paper.

7. Use an ice pack

With an ice pack or cold compress, you can reduce the swelling, pain and inflammation. Just put the ice pack or compress on the affected area for about 15 minutes for two to three times a day to get rid of them.


These tips can lead you to a fast and easy recovery. If you have been asking yourself how to get rid of hemorrhoids, just follow the above tips and get rid of them completely. You do not have to spend time away from your normal life simply because you are afflicted with hemorrhoids. Take action now and enjoy the results!

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