How to buy a new refrigerators – the ultimate guide


Buying a new refrigerator? How do you choose the refrigerator that best suits you? Buying a refrigerator is a fairly expensive purchase for the household, and one that is supposed to survive for many years. When you want to buy a new refrigerator that will serve our family for a long time, it is important to review the coolers offered in the market in accordance with the daily needs of the household, and of course consider the appropriate refrigerators at their cost. It is important to note that the cost of the refrigerator is not only the price of the purchase, but also the consumption of electricity, since the refrigerator needs electricity without interruption, and, as is known, electricity rates are constantly rising.

There are 3 types of refrigerators:

Refrigerator with top freezer: Refrigerators that come in a wide range of width, depth and height, allowing you to choose the refrigerator that suits you in terms of size of the kitchen or the number of persons in the house. Their prices are relatively cheap and they are more economical than other types of electricity. The maximum capacity of refrigerators of this type is 650 liters, relatively small. The top freezer compartment allows easy access and its shelves are relatively wide (suitable for freezing pizza carton). Recommendation: Suitable for a family of relatively small number of people, the price is a crucial consideration in buying, when there is a problem of a place in the kitchen.

Refrigerator with lower freezer: The range of refrigerators in this type is limited, limiting us to the possibility of adjusting the refrigerator to the size of the kitchen (especially as a refrigerator with a freezer compartment requires a large space to open the door) or to the desired capacity according to the number of persons in the house. The freezer is large compared to the freezer but access to it is less convenient. The maximum capacity for this type of refrigerator is around 700 liters. For a refrigerator with a freezer compartment, this refrigerator is a little more expensive and less energy efficient. Recommendation: Suitable for families with 4 or more persons whose freezer is not the strong side, preferring the convenience of cooling over the convenience of freezing.

Door-to-door refrigerators: The more expensive, designed and equipped refrigerators of the three types. There are three types

• Refrigerator with 2 doors: classic category, two doors, side by side, throughout the refrigerator. The right side is used for cooling and the left to freeze. A relatively large refrigerator, but the narrow doors do not require a large opening space and therefore can be adapted to almost any kitchen. The average capacity for these refrigerators is 780 liters. The two sides are comfortable, but the shelves are relatively narrow (not suitable for storing huge cooking pots). The vegetable drawer is also not very generous, and the freezer is also relatively narrow. The refrigerator is upgraded with standard amenities such as kiosk, digital command, temperature control and more. It is important to understand that all these additions have a price that is reflected in the cost of the refrigerator and the increased chance of malfunctions. Recommendation: Suitable for young families with limited space in the kitchen, with a higher than average economic capacity that does not buy and cook for a large number of people.
• Refrigerator with 3 doors: The freezer is down the entire width of the refrigerator and above it a two-door cooling compartment, side by side, without separation of a partition. In this case, both the freezer compartment and the freezer are generous in size and allow storing utensils and food in large containers. This refrigerator capacity ranges from 600 to 780 liters (allowing each family to adjust the size of the refrigerator to the number of persons in the house) and its electricity consumption is not as cost-effective as 2-door refrigerators. This refrigerator is also rich in sophistication and special functions that make it expensive. Recommendation: Suitable for families that require high capacity, which consumes a lot of frozen products and cooks for a relatively large number of people who can afford a sophisticated, large and stylish refrigerator.
Additional parameters to consider:

Size = money: bigger refrigerator costs more, consumes more power and the more elaborate it is, the greater the chance that something will spoil. An average family will fit a refrigerator of 600 – 500 liters. Decide on the desired distribution ratio between the cooling compartment and the freezer according to the fresh and frozen food you consume.

Opening the door: It is important to make sure that the refrigerator environment allows the refrigerator door to be opened wide at an angle that allows you to easily pull a shelf out. It is important to choose the direction of opening the door according to the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Shelves: Type of shelves will affect the convenience of using the refrigerator and cleaning. In most refrigerators you can change the location of the shelves and adjust them to a height that is convenient for you. The refrigerator door is littered with cells, shelves and containers designed to store small items. Select them according to the quantities and types of items to be stored (the quantity and size of eggs you purchase, the bottles you consume, etc.). And do not forget – you’re the ones who cleaned them.

Power consumption: Check the power rating of the refrigerator in the energy label attached to it. A the most economical rank, the most wasteful G. In addition, inverter refrigerators (refrigerators equipped with input technology) are more energy efficient. a portable small refrigerator is much more efficient.

Brand: There are different brands, more prestigious or less, with a higher reputation or less.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: The warranty for the refrigerator is divided into three parts: warranty for the refrigerator, the engine and the cooling system. The minimum warranty is a one-year warranty on the entire refrigerator. Some manufacturers give a longer warranty, worth checking out.