Revolutionary pill that cures constipation

Constipation has become a major problem in many people’s lives. It has become a pain and nuisance in the eyes of people. What makes it worse is that it hasn’t been researched enough in the medical world and the only medicine available for it is laxative. Laxatives however have become a thing of the past now due to a new revolutionary pill which can stop constipation in its track. This new pill has been programmed to vibrate inside your immune system and break your food up to stop constipation. This pill is so advanced in the medical world that it can stop the use of further pills being made entirely.   

Despite medicine being used already for constipation, up to 50% of all patients have claimed that they were unsatisfied with the results due to the side effects and that it is a waste of their time and money. Experts have claimed that this new revolutionary vibrating pill has shown notable positive effects for patients. The pill has doubled the rate of bowel movements for patients meaning that they were able to relieve themselves more often. This reduced the rate of constipation and has less side effects overall. The really great thing about this pill is that unlike laxative, it boasts less side effects and has more positive effects. The capsules vibrating properties causes the intestines to contract which then releases the faeces without the need of tension. It can also handle hemorrhoids, surprisingly, with great effectiveness.

The revolutionary pill is apparently the same height and width of a penny, speeds up the process of the bowel and helps those suffering with chronic disease. were the only medicine available for constipation, had embarrassing side effects and were often harsh on the stomach. However, this new reaching is much more advanced and doesn’t contain any of the same side effects. All it does is stimulate the bowels to produce action.

The vibrating pill has a small internal engine installed and is coded to vibrate around 6 hours after being swallowed at a maximum rate of 3 times per minute. This ensures that the pill arrives in the digestive system before it begins vibrating. It’s apparently believed that the pill stimulates further contractions by the intestines to move along.
There are many factors which put a person at a higher of having constipation. The most common factor however is the result of poor lifestyle habits. The pill intentionally vibrates at the right time in order to get the bowel movements to work. Surprisingly, the extremely small pill hasn’t got any medicine in it at all, it only contains a small engine that makes up the entire pill. During inspection, average patients claimed that their bowel flow duplicated when they had access to the pill. The capsules may become a better unravelling for constipation sufferers and chronic disease sufferers. The rate of pain had decreased significantly and the patients were much happier with the results achieved with it.

Most drug therapies bring more pain and discomfort than relief for patients suffering from constipation. This however doesn’t the same problems associated with it. The pill however is still being developed by the division of gastroenterology at a medical Centre in the Middle East and the researchers have just displayed their work and knowledge in the Digestion Disease Week convection located in Chicago.