Did you ever hear about Alexandria’s Genesis ?


Alexandria’s Genesis is supposedly a rare genetic mutation that grants exceptional flawlessness and beauty to lucky recipients. It causes the eyes to turn purple a few months after birth, with the color deepening to violet- blue purple during puberty. Those with the mutation never grow body hair, with women being fertile but never menstruate. There have been a lot of debate concerning whether Alexandria’s Genesis exists or not. There are doubts over its existence since not a single person with the mutation is known at the present as far as scientists are concerned.

The truth is that Alexandria’s Genesis is a myth that was created by a certain writer to justify characters in her fan fiction who had perfect purple eyes. There are a number of facts proving that the condition is not only a myth, but also impossible. For one, the traits of the condition are said to have resulted from a mutation. However, it is not possible for a single mutation to affect so many aspects of a human being’s body. All the areas supposedly affected by Alexandria’s Genesis are in the real sense controlled by several different genes. The same reason is what causes tinnitus, and
this is why it is so hard to fix it.

The trait of violet eyes is definitely implausible. It may be technically possible due to a severe lack of eye pigmentation such as albinism. However, eyes with such a color would be extremely sensitive to sunlight. This would make having such a trait to be very unpleasant. In addition, to have purple eyes without sensitivity would require an entirely new color of pigmentation, probably a reddish color.

To experience no periods and yet remain fertile is not impossible biologically. This is because some animals go through an estrous cycle whereby the uterus lining is re-absorbed as opposed to expelled. For this to happen in a human being however, a lot of modification would be required. It cannot result from a single modification as is the case with Alexandria’s Genesis.

Having no body hair is somehow plausible. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) can lead to a lack of facial and body hair. However, it only happens to individuals carrying both X and Y chromosomes. Humans with AIS cannot bear children since they do not have uteri. This totally contradicts the notion that individuals with Alexandria’s Genesis are thought to be fertile. To adopt the particular effect that the mutation is said to have, several generations of breeding would have to take place.

Alexandria’s Genesis is supposedly passed down from parents to children, while getting stronger with each generation. If the mutation really behaved they way it is described, then almost everyone in the world today would be having Alexandria’s Genesis. This is considering the fact that it supposedly dates back to ancient Egypt. Mathematically, any human who lived in ancient Egypt and had descendants would be a common ancestor to every person living now.

The above facts only prove that Alexandria’s Genesis is a myth that has seems to have swept through the internet. Its creator did not intend it to be perceived as an actual fact. However, a few gullible individuals mistook it for a fact and began circulating it online.

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