4 tips for a new puppy at home


Are you waiting for the arrival of a new puppy for several months, if you plan to bring home a small cute puppy wrapped in pampering fur and if you were dreaming about playing  cute games all day with it but once the pup came home life turned into a nightmare – The following article is for you. I accompany tens of thousands of puppies to their new home, new parents are for puppies of any question or problem and skilled combination of new puppies go to homes of the two.

Adding a new puppy to your family can be a significant upgrade in quality of life on the one hand the power to make the lives of the family members into a hellish nightmare. To get your new puppy happy and balanced manner it is important to build on the essential educational principles and to train puppies from the moment they enter your home, right at the beginning.


Spoiling is the most common issue in raising puppies coming home. To be honest, it is hard not to spoil some friendly dogs and small game, run and jump all day and generally look like furry puppets quadruped. Desirable to set limits (natural, not invented, not aggressive), such as the prohibition of strong bite, protecting its territory, in a hierarchical setting, and more.


Second rank disease, characterized by new parents Dori dogs is volatility. This is the second stage of parenting or awareness to the needs of the dog, when there is still no full awareness of how the right training. Adoptive family knows not to spoil too much but also know not to set limits aggressive or violent. Indecision and knowledge are brought volatile behavior, brings the dog causes confusion and a sense of belonging.

appropriate foods

Early stages in the lives of puppies have a huge impact nutritionally. These steps will in fact, the puppy’s life for many years. In terms of food is important in choosing the most appropriate food for all new puppy home. Nutrition early age characteristic different from adult dogs and for this reason it is important to consult a veterinarian or pet with us Molly, When buying puppy food.

The first year of treatment

Puppies require no small amount of and investment in the early years. In the first year the vaccine should be given timely and appropriate by professionals with many years of experience. Without vaccines, very friendly dogs will begin serious illnesses.

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