Alexandria’s Genesis

Alexandria’s Genesis is supposedly a rare genetic mutation that grants exceptional flawlessness and beauty to lucky recipients. It causes the eyes to turn purple a few months after birth, with the color deepening to violet- blue purple during puberty. Those with the mutation never grow body hair, with women being fertile but never menstruate. There … [Read more…]

4 tips for a new puppy at home


Are you waiting for the arrival of a new puppy for several months, if you plan to bring home a small cute puppy wrapped in pampering fur and if you were dreaming about playing  cute games all day with it but once the pup came home life turned into a nightmare – The following article … [Read more…]

Revolutionary pill that cures constipation


Constipation has become a major problem in many people’s lives. It has become a pain and nuisance in the eyes of people. What makes it worse is that it hasn’t been researched enough in the medical world and the only medicine available for it is laxative. Laxatives however have become a thing of the past … [Read more…]

What is Hypoallergenic dog food?


Dogs, just like human beings can be allergic to some foods. However, the side effects may vary from one canine to another, from mild stomach upset to serious conditions that may put a dog’s health at risk. In most cases, dog owners tend to serve their allergic dogs hypoallergenic dog food, which is the best … [Read more…]

Iregular gaps in the monthly period

As we know, regular menstrual cycles occur in a woman’s body when there is a delicate interaction between various organ systems endocrine system, and routine operation on hypothalamic–ovarian axis plays a central role in menstruation. However, due to the appeal of routine illnesses or various states of distress – physical and mental – can cause … [Read more…]

Yoga and the monthly cycle

Most of us learned to use the word period to set the monthly bleeding. In fact recycling is a permanent condition in women. Cycle “is the month, because by its very nature is affected woman all her life cycles: menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause and other cyclical changes possible. Days are days in the menstrual … [Read more…]